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Conner McDaniel
Sep 03, 2021
In About anatomy
Thank you for all your hard work and effort on this project and for keeping it free. It would be very useful as a teaching aid for inguinal anatomy as this area is very difficult to understand and 3D visualization can help in that effort; however, there are a few errors that are crucial. Notably, the vas deferens in this model sort of passes through the femoral ring below the inguinal ligament instead of its actual trajectory through the inguinal canal superior to the inguinal ligament. The inferior epigastric vessels on this model are also misplaced and instead travel posterior to the abdominal muscles along the peritoneum in the pre-peritoneal space until investing into the rectus sheath and traveling along with the rectus muscles. The transversalis fascia invaginates through the deep and superficial inguinal rings around the testicles which would help visualize the inguinal canal if it were present in the model. I tried my hand at editing this myself, but I'm a beginner at 3D modeling and haven't been able to figure it out as of yet. If I can help clarifying these points I am happy to do so! Also, the forum here does not provide a full date so I can't tell how old these posts are. Aug 21st of unknown year or August of 2021? Cheers, Conner
Conner McDaniel
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