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Kausik Chakraborty
Apr 11, 2022
In About the project
Hi I am a professor in exercise physiology and nowadays I am writing a book on my subject and also I have started making videos on the same subject for YouTube. Finding your Z-anatomy my excitement cannot be expressed in words. I am really grateful to you for offering us with such a valuable thing. I have been learning blender for last few years and I can see myself somewhat at intermediate level in the software. I have read and still reading the documentation of Z-anatomy for last couple of days. But still could not figure out many important, obvious things. I am trying to figure out the issues I am facing with Z-anatomy in the following points: 1. After opening the 'Anatomy Blender' folder I have found 4 blender files, namely ‘blender’, ‘blender-launcher’, ‘Z-Anatomy’, ‘Z-Anatomy-lite’. I could not figure out what is what? The first 3 files take me to the same place. In the documentation, it is said that we should open the ‘blender’ file, and then we will be asked to ‘Allow scripts’. The files is opened, but no such prompt message is appeared. 2. The appearance of the 3D viewport of Z-anatomy is totally different. There are no grids, 3d cursor, camera, lights. I tried to restore it to the by-default view but failed. 3. Even when I add a mesh, camera, light, empty or any object, they are found in outliner, but not in the 3D viewport. Even I select them in the outliner, unhide them, still they are not visible in the viewport. 4. Even I hit 0, I do get the camera view, but that camera I do not find in the outliner. Even in property I did not get the camera options to change camera settings. 5. I tried to join the mesh, but after joining, half side of the mesh is washed out. 6. I also tried to rig the characters using rigify addon, but failed. I tried to export the character to upload into Mixamo to animate, but there too the character did not work at all. In a nutshell, I can understand that this Z-anatomy works differently than a regular blender file. If I would get a detailed instruction about the procedure of operation of the Z-anatomy that would be a great help. Above all, I am conveying my sincere gratitude to the team of Z-anatomy and all the contributors for making available such a great treasure for us.
Kausik Chakraborty
Apr 08, 2022
In About Blender
HI, I want to use Z-anatomy and render images and animation from it to add them in my books and YouTube videos. Can you please help me about the procedure of attribution. For example, how and where will I have to attribute? Will I have to attribute in the video itself or I can attribute in the description box? Will I have to attribute with every image or I can attribute in the reference page together for all images I will render using Z-anatomy. Thank you in advance.
Kausik Chakraborty
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